Utopian Future Technologies to close Kussbus, its  Smart Shuttle Service for Commuters.

6 march 2019, Utopian Future Technologies SA (UFT) announces today the closure of its smart shuttle service for commuters.

Launched in April 2018, Kussbus has provided more than 3.000 rides in less than a year and opened two bus lines in France and Belgium. Despite this positive result, the private company UFT has decided to stop managing the operational service in order to focus on the technology.

Kussbus was the first on-demand bus for commuters launched in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and allowed ⅓ of its users to exchange their private car for a ride with Kussbus, although the price point was twice higher than other transport modes. Those results have been shared with the Public Authorities who were interested  in such a solution which benefit commuters throughout the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and beyond. Therefore Kussbus could serve as  an example for similar services to come.

Meanwhile, the team would like to sincerely thank the Kussbus community for helping us to establish and improve the service. We are glad to see that our passengers have decided to keep commuting together. This is the Kussbus community spirit and we are very proud to support it. Here is the link to join this amazing community https://www.facebook.com/groups/1990143077743664!

About UFT

Utopian Future Technologies SA (UFT) operates in the field of new technologies for public transportation. We are supporting public transport in implementing flexible transit service to better meet the “hard- to- reach” demand while keeping operational costs under control. Our cloud-based software optimizes one transit service by combining integrated tools such as: our data collector that continuously identifies and analyses demand, our very own optimization engine that automatically and efficiently assigns vehicles according to bookings, and our connected applications that allow riders, drivers and operating agents to instantly share information and feedbacks.

As per the new year announcement, the company is currently enrolled in a European call for tenders and is opening rounds of discussion with several actors of the field to launch solutions which benefit both passengers and public transport. On top of that, we will soon present our new look and company site. So, stay-tuned!

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